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Remove unnecessary get_labels calls and fix retries when handling superevent with DQV

Back in December 2018 there was a series of changes where

  • fbe3a907 created the tasks.gracedb.create_log and tasks.orchestrator._update_if_dqok methods
  • 5516e4e7 reverted fbe3a907 , removing the methods
  • a44a4a7a restored the tasks.orchestrator._update_if_dqok method for good, but did not restore the tasks.gracedb.create_log method it called.

So currently tasks.orchestrator._update_if_dqok is calling a method that doesn't exist. This change fixes that and adds additional checks to the relevant test case.

Now, the fact that this hasn't been caught yet suggests that this code path is completely unused (??) so maybe it should be removed entirely.

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