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WIP: Measure timing of BAYESTAR input and output stages

Leo P. Singer requested to merge leo-singer/gwcelery:bayestar-io-timing into main

Do not merge onto main. This is just for testing.

I was quite surprised to find how much time this takes on my laptop, but my laptop is old and slow. I would like to run this on one of the cluster deployments of GWCelery.

[2024-03-11 17:45:46,302: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-1/MainThread] BAYESTAR input stage time real=0.530s, user=0.302s, sys=0.224s
[2024-03-11 17:46:10,674: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-1/MainThread] BAYESTAR output stage time real=0.556s, user=0.324s, sys=0.227s

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