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Address issue #774, add public tag, Clairify quantities uploaded by GWSkyNet.

ManLeong Chan requested to merge manleong.chan/gwcelery:GWSkyNet-patch into main

This merge request addresses issue #774 by specifying that the installed version of Tensorflow with GWSkyNet has to be older than 2.16.1. Even though other solutions exist that work for 2.16.1, they are not compatible with older versions of Tensorflow. These solutions, therefore, may make GWSkyNet susceptible to other errors that are currently unknown.

This merge request adds a public tag to the uploads by GWSkyNet. It also address Jonah's comments on the GWSkyNet's annotations in ER15 and O4a (for future uploads). In particular, the names of the quantities generated by GWSkyNet have been made clearer. The event ID and the version of sky map used for annotations have also been added to the uploads as well as in the EM followup section on GraceDB.

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