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    Extensive changes to code variable names in the RCG code. · b1b26272
    Rolf Bork authored
    From the user perspective, key changes are in the model Parameter block settings:
    - An IOP model should now be designaeted with iop_model=1
    	- Previously set by adcMaster=1
    - A user control application should have the adcSlave=1 parameter removed.
    	- If iop_model=1 is not in the Parameter block, then RCG assumes
    	  this is a user control application model.
    - IOP models that send/rcv timing over the Dolphin network
    	- The transmitter model Parameter block needs dolphin_time_xmit=1
    	- A recevier IOP model Parameter block needs dolphin_time_rcvr=1
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