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L1dmt3 config tweaks

This merge request is to fix several issues that I suspect will cause trouble when installing the test process manager instance on l1dmt3. They relate to installing the crontabs and to launching processes that are currently run from scripts in $HOME/bin or $HOME/scripts but can more easily be launched from the process manager and will not need additional configuration data in the form of scripts. The changes are

  1. modify the aLigo/scripts/ to install the crontab for the node on which make is being run.
  2. Create the segment data directory /var/spool/dmt-triggers/DQ_Segments whenever TrigMgr is run. This directory is not created as a part of the puppet initialization and is not created dusting normal TrigMgr operation. I have a small fix for this in the gds source repo bu that will not be installed before we begin to test the dmt-runtime-configuration based setup on l1dmt3.
  3. DpushM is currently run from scripts in $HOME/bin on l1dmt3. These were used to allow changing the test configuration while setting up the dual broadcast receivers. I have replaced the scripts with running DpushM directly under the process manager.
  4. Run the calibration pipeline as a process directly under the process manager instead of being called from $HOME/bin/htCalibT script. Like the runDpush scripts, the htCalib scripts were used to allow changes in the calibration pipeline command line arguments. The calibration pipeline no longer uses the numerous command-line options and the configuration is much more stable than it was originally so it no longer makes sense to run the driver scripts.

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