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Revert changes to hoft_Science and hoft_Ready flags

This MR reverts the changes in ebb88fb3 to the hoft_Science and hoft_Ready flags. Since the relevant bits in the CALIB_STATE_VECTOR used for these flags (bits 0, 1 and 2) have not changed definition since at least ER8, the definitions of the hoft_Science and hoft_Ready flags should also stay the same. See T1900007 for details.

The definitions of these and related flags are:

  • H1:hoft_Science bitand "H1:GDS-CALIB_STATE_VECTOR" mask=0x02 fraction=1.0
    • When the OBS_INTENT (1) bit is active
  • H1:hoft_Up bitand "H1:GDS-CALIB_STATE_VECTOR" mask=0x04 fraction=1.0
    • When the OBS_READY (2) bit is active
  • H1:hoft_Calibrated bitand "H1:GDS-CALIB_STATE_VECTOR" mask=0x01 fraction=1.0
    • When the HOFT_OK (0) bit is active
  • H1:hoft_Ready bitand "H1:GDS-CALIB_STATE_VECTOR" mask=0x03 fraction=1.0
    • When the HOFT_OK (0) and OBS_INTENT (1) bits are active.

This ensures that the definition of H1:hoft_Ready matches the guidance in the ObsRun4 page:

Analyses are recommended to use logical AND of bits 0 and 1 to determine whether to analyze data for astrophysical signals. Bit 0 indicates the overall integrity of the h(t) calculation while bit 1 indicates that the operator has determined the interferometer is in trustworthy, science-quality data-taking state.

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