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SenseMon redundant config files with _R in procname for unique trend frame types

This merge request addresses the fact that both the primary (dmt1) and redundant (dmt2) SenseMonitor instances are writing trend frames with the same frame type, albeit to different directories. This evidently causes grief for gw_data_find. The solution is to change the SenseMonitor configuration for the redundant instances to have a different process name which is in turn used as the root portion of the sensemonitor frame type, i.e. if the procname parameter is 'SenseMon_hoft_H1', the trend frame type will be 'H-SenseMon_hoft_H1_M'. To implement this change specifically for the redundant monitors, I had to:

  1. Add configuration files for the redundant monitors, e.g. SenseMonitor_hoft_H1_R.conf with the appropriately modified procname
  2. Change the command line argument (and dependency list) to the new configuration file path in the LXO_RedundantDQ_ProcList files.
  3. Modify the installation Makefile to install the appropriate files on the redundant machines.

Closes #66 (closed)

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