Commit 52cfa009 authored by Kevin Kuns's avatar Kevin Kuns

add intermediate platform motion

the new seismic sub-budgets did not have this option
parent c1d60e95
......@@ -44,8 +44,14 @@ def platform_motion(f, ifo):
nt, nr = seismic_BSC_ISI(f)
elif ifo.Seismic.PlatformMotion == '6D':
nt, nr = seismic_BSC_ISI_6D(f)
elif ifo.Seismic.PlatformMotion == 'intermediate':
nt_isi, nr_isi = seismic_BSC_ISI(f)
nt_6d, nr_6d = seismic_BSC_ISI_6D(f)
nt = np.sqrt(nt_isi * nt_6d)
nr = np.sqrt(nr_isi * nr_6d)
nt, nr = seismic_BSC_ISI(f)
raise ValueError(
'Unrecognized platform motion ' + ifo.Seismic.PlatformMotion)
nt, nr = seismic_BSC_ISI(f)
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