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code housekeeping

Paul Baker requested to merge paul.baker/bayeswave:housekeeping into master

This is redo of !56 (closed) against the updated master:

While starting the skyprior changes, I noticed the code had some irregularities... Because I'm a >formatting madman, I ran some vim scripts to clean things up a bit:

  • remove carriage return characters: \r\n -> \n
  • remove trailing whitespace from lines (and some extraneous newlines)
  • turn all tabs into spaces: usually t -> 2 spaces (slightly different to maintain = alignment where needed)
  • re-indent some lines in a file that were out of alignment

Note that the carriage return change affects every line of BayesWave.c and BayesLine.c.

These are superficial code readability changes, and they should not affect any functionality. (Although, I haven't tested anything.)

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