ci: added some basic setup tests

to make sure the core dependencies are specified properly
parent d9d9d5b1
......@@ -13,6 +13,31 @@ stages:
- test
- deploy
.test-python: &test-python
stage: test
image: python
# this is required because pytables doesn't use a wheel on py37
- apt-get -yqq update
- apt-get -yqq install libhdf5-dev
- python -m pip install .
- python -c "import bilby"
- python -c "import bilby.core"
- python -c "import"
- python -c "import bilby.hyper"
- python -c "import cli_bilby"
# test basic setup on python2
<<: *test-python
image: python:2.7
# test basic setup on python3
<<: *test-python
image: python:3.7
# test example on python 2
stage: test
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