Commit 5564a3f2 authored by Colm Talbot's avatar Colm Talbot

make sure conversion function is only used if given

parent ae2e49c1
......@@ -466,7 +466,8 @@ def run_sampler(likelihood, priors=None, label='label', outdir='outdir',
result.log_bayes_factor = result.logz - result.noise_logz
if injection_parameters is not None:
result.injection_parameters = injection_parameters
if conversion_function is not None:
result.fixed_parameter_keys = [key for key in priors if isinstance(key, prior.DeltaFunction)]
# result.prior = prior # Removed as this breaks the saving of the data
result.samples_to_data_frame(likelihood=likelihood, priors=priors, conversion_function=conversion_function)
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