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Merge branch 'add-kwargs-to-prob' into 'master'

Allow prob to take in kwargs which are passed to product

See merge request Monash/bilby!248
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......@@ -187,20 +187,22 @@ class PriorSet(OrderedDict):
logger.debug('{} not a known prior.'.format(key))
return samples
def prob(self, sample):
def prob(self, sample, **kwargs):
sample: dict
Dictionary of the samples of which we want to have the probability of
The keyword arguments are passed directly to `np.product`
float: Joint probability of all individual sample probabilities
return np.product([self[key].prob(sample[key]) for key in sample])
return np.product([self[key].prob(sample[key]) for key in sample], **kwargs)
def ln_prob(self, sample):
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