Commit 662bcaa6 authored by Colm Talbot's avatar Colm Talbot
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Merge branch 'allow_min_max_frequencies_be_set_more_easily' into 'master'

allow the detector minimum/maximum frequency to be set

See merge request Monash/tupak!109
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......@@ -795,10 +795,18 @@ class Interferometer(object):
def minimum_frequency(self):
return self.strain_data.minimum_frequency
def minimum_frequency(self, minimum_frequency):
self._strain_data.minimum_frequency = minimum_frequency
def maximum_frequency(self):
return self.strain_data.maximum_frequency
def maximum_frequency(self, maximum_frequency):
self._strain_data.maximum_frequency = maximum_frequency
def strain_data(self):
""" A instance """
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