Commit 899b63e5 authored by Colm Talbot's avatar Colm Talbot

make plot marginals work

parent 5c494930
Pipeline #39998 passed with stage
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......@@ -532,36 +532,45 @@ class Result(object):
if isinstance(parameters, dict):
plot_parameter_keys = list(parameters.keys())
truths = list(parameters.values())
truths = parameters
elif parameters is None:
plot_parameter_keys = self.injection_parameters.keys()
truths = [self.injection_parameters.get(key, None) for key
in plot_parameter_keys]
plot_parameter_keys = self.posterior.keys()
if self.injection_parameters is None:
truths = dict()
truths = self.injection_parameters
plot_parameter_keys = list(parameters)
truths = [self.injection_parameters.get(key, None) for key
in plot_parameter_keys]
if self.injection_parameters is None:
truths = dict()
truths = self.injection_parameters
if file_base_name is None:
file_base_name = '{}/{}_1d/'.format(self.outdir, self.label)
if priors is True:
priors = getattr(self, 'priors', False)
elif isinstance(priors, dict) or priors in [False, None]:
priors = getattr(self, 'priors', dict())
elif isinstance(priors, dict):
elif priors in [False, None]:
priors = dict()
raise ValueError('Input priors={} not understood'.format(priors))
for i, key in enumerate(plot_parameter_keys):
if not isinstance(self.posterior[key].values[0], float):
prior = priors.get(key, None)
truth = truths.get(key, None)
for cumulative in [False, True]:
key, prior=priors[i], cumulative=cumulative, title=titles,
truth=truths[i], save=True, file_base_name=file_base_name,
fig = self.plot_single_density(
key, prior=prior, cumulative=cumulative, title=titles,
truth=truth, save=True, file_base_name=file_base_name,
bins=bins, label_fontsize=label_fontsize, dpi=dpi,
title_fontsize=title_fontsize, quantiles=quantiles)
def plot_corner(self, parameters=None, priors=None, titles=True, save=True,
filename=None, dpi=300, **kwargs):
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