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Merge branch 'hyperpe-caching' into 'master'

Add hyperpe caching

See merge request !756
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......@@ -16,13 +16,24 @@ class Model(object):
List of functions to compute.
self.models = model_functions
self._cached_parameters = {model: None for model in self.models}
self._cached_probability = {model: None for model in self.models}
self.parameters = dict()
def prob(self, data, **kwargs):
probability = 1.0
for ii, function in enumerate(self.models):
probability *= function(data, **self._get_function_parameters(function))
function_parameters = self._get_function_parameters(function)
if self._cached_parameters[function] == function_parameters:
new_probability = self._cached_probability[function]
new_probability = function(
data, **self._get_function_parameters(function)
self._cached_parameters[function] = function_parameters
self._cached_probability[function] = new_probability
probability *= new_probability
return probability
def _get_function_parameters(self, func):
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