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.. automodule:: tupak.likelihood
`tupak` likelihood objects are used in calculating the likelihood of the data
for some specific set of parameters. In mathematical notation, the likelihood
can be generically written as :math:`\mathcal{L}(d| \theta)`. How this is
coded up will depend on the problem, but `tupak` expects all likelihood
objects to have a `parameters` attribute (a dictionary of key-value pairs) and
a `log_likelihood()` method.
The default likelihood we use in the examples is `GravitationalWaveTransient`:
.. autoclass:: tupak.likelihood.GravitationalWaveTransient
We also provide a simpler likelihood
.. autoclass:: tupak.likelihood.BasicGravitationalWaveTransient
We provide an empty parent class which can be subclassed for alternative use
.. autoclass:: tupak.likelihood.Likelihood
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