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change "source frame" to "detector frame"

See merge request !745
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......@@ -31,8 +31,8 @@
"sampling_frequency = 4096. # set the data sampling frequency (Hz)\n",
"injection_parameters = dict(\n",
"mass_1=36., # source frame (non-redshifted) primary mass (solar masses)\n",
"mass_2=29., # source frame (non-redshifted) secondary mass (solar masses)\n",
"mass_1=36., # detector frame (redshifted) primary mass (solar masses)\n",
"mass_2=29., # detector frame (redshifted) secondary mass (solar masses)\n",
"a_1=0, # primary dimensionless spin magnitude\n",
"a_2=0, # secondary dimensionless spin magnitude\n",
"tilt_1=0, # polar angle between primary spin and the orbital angular momentum (radians)\n",
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