Commit d12c8679 authored by Gregory Ashton's avatar Gregory Ashton

Adds unit arguments to the priors and appends them to the corner plots

Note - also forces all `__init__` calls in `` to use key word
arguments to ease changes in the future.
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......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ class TestPriorInstantiationWithoutOptionalPriors(unittest.TestCase):
def test_base_repr(self):
self.prior = tupak.core.prior.Prior(name='test_name', latex_label='test_label', minimum=0, maximum=1)
expected_string = "Prior(name='test_name', latex_label='test_label', minimum=0, maximum=1)"
expected_string = "Prior(name='test_name', latex_label='test_label', unit=None, minimum=0, maximum=1)"
self.assertEqual(expected_string, self.prior.__repr__())
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......@@ -197,7 +197,7 @@ class Result(dict):
for k in keys:
if k in self.search_parameter_keys:
idx = self.search_parameter_keys.index(k)
elif k in self.parameter_labels:
......@@ -192,6 +192,9 @@ class Sampler(object):
result.parameter_labels = [
self.priors[k].latex_label for k in
result.parameter_labels_with_unit = [
self.priors[k].latex_label_with_unit for k in
result.label = self.label
result.outdir = self.outdir
result.kwargs = self.kwargs
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