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Support for any laldict waveform option

Hi @gregory.ashton, @colm.talbot,

In order to avoid having to add manually each option of the LAL dictionary to the bilby _base_lal_cbc_fd_waveform function, as done in bilby!845 (closed), I use the waveform_arguments_dict object of bilby_pipe to build a lal_waveform_dictionary bilby object.

In the config_bilby_pipe.ini now I specify for example:

waveform-arguments-dict={PhenomXHMThresholdMband:0., PhenomXPrecVersion:102, PhenomXPHMTwistPhenomHM:1}

where the keys of this dictionary are part of the name of the LAL function to insert that option e.g. lalsim.SimInspiralWaveformParamsInsertPhenomXHMThresholdMband. So in this way you can insert any of the options listed in just by specifying in the key what goes after XLALSimInspiralWaveformParamsInsert.

I checked that these values are correctly propagated to bilby when doing bilby_pipe_generation config_bilby_pipe.ini

Let me know if you find this useful or sensible and if there would be other parts of the code to be modified.

I solved some CI problems but I would need a bit of help for resolving the precommits step since it doesn't throw any informative error.

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