Prioritized Labels

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  • bug
    There's a problem with one of the environments
    lscsoft / conda
  • request
    New/updated package request
    lscsoft / conda
  • Other Labels

  • build
    Modification to the build system for environments, including CVMFS, Docker, and the conda base environment
    lscsoft / conda
  • docs
    Update to the documentation
    lscsoft / conda
  • env:ligo-py27
    Update to the ligo-py27 environment
    lscsoft / conda
  • env:ligo-py36
    Update to the ligo-py36 environment
    lscsoft / conda
  • env:ligo-py37
    Update to the ligo-py37 environment
    lscsoft / conda
  • linux
    Issues/requests related to linux
    lscsoft / conda
  • macOS
    Issues/requests related to macOS
    lscsoft / conda