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Commit 2386bdfb authored by Chad Hanna's avatar Chad Hanna

inspiral_lr: further tuning of numerator snr chisq

parent 944ead95
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......@@ -423,10 +423,10 @@ class LnSignalDensity(LnLRDensity):
vtdict = self.horizon_history.functional_integral_dict(window.shift(float(gps)), lambda D: D**3.)
return dict((instrument, (vt / t)**(1./3.)) for instrument, vt in vtdict.items())
def add_signal_model(self, prefactors_range = (0.001, 0.01), df = 400, inv_snr_pow = 4.):
def add_signal_model(self, prefactors_range = (0.001, 0.30), df = 200, inv_snr_pow = 4.):
# normalize to 10 *mi*llion signals. this count makes the
# density estimation code choose a suitable kernel size
inspiral_extrinsics.NumeratorSNRCHIPDF.add_signal_model(self.densities["snr_chi"], 10000000., prefactors_range, df, inv_snr_pow = inv_snr_pow, snr_min = self.snr_min)
inspiral_extrinsics.NumeratorSNRCHIPDF.add_signal_model(self.densities["snr_chi"], 1e12, prefactors_range, df, inv_snr_pow = inv_snr_pow, snr_min = self.snr_min)
def candidate_count_model(self, rate = 1000.):
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