Commit 263b2b77 authored by Cody Messick's avatar Cody Messick
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lloidparts: Added queue with max_size_buffers = 1 after itacac, which

appears fix the issue people are having with injection jobs
occasionally hanging
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......@@ -723,5 +723,7 @@ def mkLLOIDmulti(pipeline, detectors, banks, psd, psd_fft_length = 32, ht_gate_t
assert any(itacac_dict.values())
if verbose:
for bank_id, head in itacac_dict.items():
itacac_dict[bank_id] = pipeparts.mkprogressreport(pipeline, head, "progress_xml_bank_%s" % bank_id)
# FIXME Not sure why we need a queue here, but without
# the queue one injection job in ~5000 hangs
itacac_dict[bank_id] = pipeparts.mkprogressreport(pipeline, pipeparts.mkqueue(pipeline, head, max_size_buffers = 1, max_size_bytes = 0, max_size_time = 0), "progress_xml_bank_%s" % bank_id)
return itacac_dict
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