Commit 2ec02a5d authored by GstLAL CBC Offline's avatar GstLAL CBC Offline make the snr power law so that it is same as exp(-snr**2/2) at SNR 8

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......@@ -859,7 +859,9 @@ class LnNoiseDensity(LnLRDensity):
prcoss = numpy.ones(len(rcoss))
# This adds a faint power law that falls off faster than GWs
psnr = snr**-12
# but not exponential (to avoid numerical errors). It has
# approximately the same value at SNR 8 as does exp(-8**2 / 2.)
psnr = snr**-15
psnr = numpy.outer(psnr, numpy.ones(len(rcoss)))
arr[snrindices, rcossindices] = psnr
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