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Commit 30f14aaa authored by Madeline Wade's avatar Madeline Wade

Modified gstlal_compute_strain to use config files instead of all command line options

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# time of GW170817 1187008882
START = 1187007882 # Thu Aug 17 12:24:24 GMT 2017
END = 1187008482 # Thu Aug 17 12:36:04 GMT 2017
all: L1_hoft_frames.cache
gw_data_find -o L -t L1_R -s $(START) -e $(END) -l --url-type file > $@
L1_hoft_frames.cache: L1_raw_frames.cache
gstlal_compute_strain --config-file /home/wademc/calibration/config_file_testing/gstlal_compute_strain_config_example.ini --gps-start-time $(START) --gps-end-time $(END)
ls *.gwf | lalapps_path2cache > $@
rm *.cache *.gwf
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