Commit 3e533d97 authored by Alexander Pace's avatar Alexander Pace Committed by Chad Hanna
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Update replace the file tag "ranking statistic" to...

Update replace the file tag "ranking statistic" to "ranking_statistic" since gracedb doesn't allow spaces in tag names. This change will fix the multiple failed uploads to gracedb. 
parent 2d78f8ff
......@@ -783,7 +783,7 @@ class GracedBWrapper(object):
if self.upload_auxiliary_data and len(gracedb_ids) > 0:
self.__upload_aux_xmldoc("strain spectral densities", "psd.xml.gz", "psd", lalseries.make_psd_xmldoc(psddict), gracedb_ids)
self.__upload_aux_xmldoc("ranking statistic PDFs", "ranking_data.xml.gz", "ranking statistic", rankingstat_xmldoc_func(), gracedb_ids)
self.__upload_aux_xmldoc("ranking statistic PDFs", "ranking_data.xml.gz", "ranking_statistic", rankingstat_xmldoc_func(), gracedb_ids)
# done
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