Commit 54f140e3 authored by Cody Messick's avatar Cody Messick

itacac: removed out-dated FIXMEs

parent 7bab1f80
......@@ -1164,8 +1164,7 @@ static GstFlowReturn process(GSTLALItacac *itacac) {
// Check if the samples are gap, and flush up to samples_left_in_window of them if so
if(gapsamps > 0) {
// FIXME wtf does the FIXME below mean?, that cant be right, i think its leftover from an early version of the code
itacacpad->last_gap = TRUE; // FIXME This will not work for case where each itacac has multiple sinkpads
itacacpad->last_gap = TRUE;
outsamps = gapsamps > samples_left_in_window ? samples_left_in_window : gapsamps;
gst_audioadapter_flush_samples(itacacpad->adapter, outsamps);
samples_left_in_window -= outsamps;
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