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Commit 85cbe3ae authored by Chad Hanna's avatar Chad Hanna

gstlal_inspiral: switch to using lloidparts handler

parent 9a9bc7a9
......@@ -314,7 +314,6 @@ if options.verbose:
pipeline = gst.Pipeline("gstlal_inspiral")
mainloop = gobject.MainLoop()
handler = simplehandler.Handler(mainloop, pipeline)
triggersrc = lloidparts.mkLLOIDmulti(
......@@ -334,14 +333,6 @@ triggersrc = lloidparts.mkLLOIDmulti(
blind_injections = options.blind_injections
# FIXME this is busted, don't assume there is an h(t) gate find a better way to do this
# special gates to attach signal handlers to
#gates = {}
#for ifo in detectors:
# defined in datasource.mkbasicsrc
# gates["%s_state_vector_gate" % ifo] = "state vector gate"
# defined in multirate_datasource.mkwhitened_multirate_src
# gates["%s_%d_ht_gate" % (ifo, max(rate for bank in banks[ifo] for rate in bank.get_rates()))] = "ht gate"
if options.verbose:
print >>sys.stderr, "done"
......@@ -392,6 +383,13 @@ output = inspiral.Data(
if options.verbose:
print >>sys.stderr, "... output document initialized"
# setup the pipeline hander with dq gates if in online mode
if options.data_source == "lvshm":
gates = dict([("%s_state_vector_gate" % ifo, "state vector gate") for ifo in detectors.channel_dict])
gates = {}
handler = lloidparts.Handler(mainloop, pipeline, gates = gates, tag = options.job_tag, dataclass = output, verbose = options.verbose)
if options.verbose:
print >>sys.stderr, "attaching appsinks to pipeline ...",
appsync = pipeparts.AppSync(appsink_new_buffer = output.appsink_new_buffer)
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