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gstlal_ll_inspiral_pipe, remove unused code, refactor;...

gstlal_ll_inspiral_pipe, remove unused code, refactor; gstlal_inspiral: modify far-trials-factor option name
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......@@ -258,7 +258,7 @@ def parse_command_line():
group = OptionGroup(parser, "Ranking Statistic Options", "Adjust ranking statistic behaviour")
group.add_option("--cap-singles", action = "store_true", help = "Cap singles to 1 / livetime if computing FAR. No effect otherwise")
group.add_option("--FAR-trialsfactor", metavar = "trials", type = "float", default = 1.0, help = "Add trials factor to FAR before uploading to gracedb")
group.add_option("--far-trials-factor", metavar = "trials", type = "float", default = 1.0, help = "Add trials factor to FAR before uploading to gracedb")
group.add_option("--chisq-type", metavar = "type", default = "autochisq", help = "Choose the type of chisq computation to perform. Must be one of (autochisq|timeslicechisq). The default is autochisq.")
group.add_option("--coincidence-threshold", metavar = "seconds", type = "float", default = 0.005, help = "Set the coincidence window in seconds (default = 0.005 s). The light-travel time between instruments will be added automatically in the coincidence test.")
group.add_option("--min-instruments", metavar = "count", type = "int", default = 2, help = "Set the minimum number of instruments that must contribute triggers to form a candidate (default = 2).")
......@@ -848,7 +848,7 @@ for output_file_number, (svd_bank_url_dict, output_url, ranking_stat_output_url,
kafka_server = options.output_kafka_server,
cluster = True,#options.data_source in ("lvshm", "framexmit"),# If uncommented, we only cluster when running online
cap_singles = options.cap_singles,
FAR_trialsfactor = options.FAR_trialsfactor,
FAR_trialsfactor = options.far_trials_factor,
verbose = options.verbose
if options.verbose:
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This diff is collapsed.
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