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doc Makefile: comment back out this python packaging hack

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gstlal-modules :
# FIXME FIXME FIXME total hack to work around unique python packaging
mv ../gstlal/python/ ../gstlal/python/
#mv ../gstlal/python/ ../gstlal/python/
sphinx-apidoc -e -o source/gstlal/python-modules ../gstlal/python ../gstlal/python/ ../gstlal/python/ ../gstlal/python/ ../gstlal/python/
mv ../gstlal/python/ ../gstlal/python/
#mv ../gstlal/python/ ../gstlal/python/
sed -i "1s/python/\`\`gstlal\`\`/" source/gstlal/python-modules/modules.rst
gstlal-inspiral-modules :
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