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Updated the mcvt_plus_fastpath branch to a working state

Alvin Li requested to merge mcvt_plus_fastpath_updated into mcvt_plus_fastpath

Scripts that have been changed:

  1. gstlal-inspiral/python/ (problems with numpy.linspace)

  2. gstlal/python/pipeparts/ (from gstlal import pipeio, added pipeio.format_property for value in set_property for gstvalue array conversion)

  3. gstlal/python/ (replaced with master branch Included functions for formatting)

  4. gstlal-inspiral/python/ (added lines to force GSTLAL_FIR_WHITEN = False, should not do something like this.)

  5. gstlal-inspiral/python/ (added pipeio.format_property for value in pad.set_property for gstvalue array conversion)

  6. gstlal-inspiral/python/ (changed lalappsrRunSqlite to ligolwRunSqlite, lalapps_inspinjfind --> lalinspiralinjfind)

  7. gstlal-inspiral/python/ (added bytes() to

  8. gstlal/python/ (import pipeio, added format_property)

  9. gstlal-inspiral/bin/gstlal_inspiral_pipe (added "request_disk" as condor options. Changed lalapps_run_sqlite to ligolw_run_sqlite, lalapps_inspijfind --> lalinspiral_injfind, added "request_disk" to sh_condor_commands)

  10. gstlal/python/ (added "HDF5_USE_FILE_LOCKING=FALSE" to condor "environment" options)

  11. gstlal-inspiral/python/stats/ (removed ".decode(...)" for python3 compatability)

  12. gstlal-inspiral/python/stats/ (replaced ".value" by "[()]" for python3 compatability)

  13. gstlal-inspiral/bin/gstlal_injsplitter (replaced lsctables.table --> lsctables.SimInspiralTable / ProcessParamsTable...)

  14. gstlal-inspiral/python/plot/ (print >> stderr --> print(...file = sys.stderr, added [0] to start and end of plot_param_accuracy_histogram, absorbed vmin and vmax into norm = ...LogNorm(...) )

  15. gstlal-inspiral/bin/gstlal_inspiral_plot_mc_vt... --> added matplotlib related latex settings

  16. gstlal-inspiral/bin/gstlal_inspiral_plotsummary --> added matplotlib related latex settings, print >> stderr --> print(...file = sys.stderr)

  17. gstlal-inspiral/bin/gstlal_inspiral_plot_background --> added matplotlib related latex settings

  18. gstlal-inspiral/bin/gstlal_inspiral_combine_injection_sets --> do not import ilwd from ligo.lw

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