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Shio Sakon requested to merge lr-terms-printer into master

Given a gracedb gevent id and the config file of the analysis, this program will print the LR terms in a log file. Using information obtained from the gevent and the config file, this program identifies the coinc file and dist stats file that need to be passed to gstlal_inspiral_calc_likelihood, and runs gstlal_inspiral_calc_likelihood with the --verbose-level "DEBUG" option. (See MR 400 for details on the --verbose-level "DEBUG" option.) Note that this program must be run in the analysis run directory of the analysis that the gevent was uploaded from, since the associated mass model file, dist stats file, and coinc file exist in the run directory. The intention of this program is that users will run it when there is a GraceDB upload with LR values that require more investigation.

An example command is gstlal_ll_lr_term_printer --gevent-id 'G524517' --yaml config.yml. This is for a gevent uploaded from a small bbh analysis on ICDS that was used for testing features. GraceDB link The output filename is H1L1V1-0000-noninj_GSTLAL_LR_COMPONENTS-1375022619-1.log, which is output to where the program was run (= run directory of the analysis) and the content is

If candidate is singles, there is a singles penalties of lnP_singles_penalty = -13.0.
Note that idq terms are subtracted from lnP.
template_id: 9920709
lnP(signal): -43.03852760505172
lnP(horizon) * 3: -1.7395091040831572
lnP(len_temp_ids): 5.978885764901122
lnP(instruments | horizon distances): -0.4971448090046772
lnP(dt, dphi, snr): -3.04852114147252
lnP(population_model): -7.030965812427449
lnP(snr_chisq): -36.70127250296504
lnP(idq): 0.0

dts: {'L1': 0.0}
phases: {'L1': 1.1579231}
snrs: {'L1': 7.5961566}
lnP(snr_chisqs): {'L1': -36.70127250296504}
chisqs: {'L1': 4.2721834}
lnP(idqs): {'L1': 0.0}

LR_components - DEBUG -
template_id: 9920709
lnP(noise): -0.2087504506325395
lnP(t | noise): 4.352319287161968
lnP(instrument | t, noise): -1.4182562860134509
lnP(snr_chisq): -3.1428134517810564

lnP(snr_chisqs): {'L1': -3.1428134517810564}
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