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zl file corruption fix

Prathamesh Joshi requested to merge zl-file-corruption-fix into o4b-online

This MR implements 3 changes:

  1. It modifies the create_prior_diststats layer to use the newly created prior diststats of the first bin only as a bootstrap to create an empty zerolag pdf. This means that the empty zerolag pdf is created during the setup dag, not during the online analysis.
  2. It modifies the trigger counter to fail if it cannot access this zerolag pdf, instead of doing the bootstrapping procedure again. This makes it so that if the zerolag file is inaccessible, the trigger counter will fail instead of assigning wrong fars and uploading wrong events.
  3. It modifies the trigger counter to regularly save a backup of the zerolag pdf with the current gps time in the filename. This is done so that if the actual zerolag pdf gets lost/corrupt, we can easily restore the latest backup instead of trying somehow to reconstruct the zerolag pdf from scratch.

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