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Changes needed for offline injection frame filtering.

This branch was created by cherry-picking commits from the branch used for offline injection filtering so far, offline_new-workflow_injection-frame-cache, and then rebasing down to 1 commit. I did not cherry-pick 6fbf3aad, as we can't comment those sections out on a more general branch.

I've tested this, and the psd and injection filter dags that get created are identical to those created by the original branch.

There is one caveat though. When you make the PSD dag, make complains that it doesn't have a target for the template bank, which is listed as a pre-requisite for the manifest file. Since we copy the manifest and SVD files over from the appropriate online files, we may not want to risk overwriting them, which is why the manifest target was commented out in the original branch. You can add a couple of -W command line options to make, which tells make to basically pretend that the specified files (in this case, the manifest and template bank files) have an up-to-date timestamp so that it doesn't try to do anything with them. For example, this worked for me:

X509_USER_PROXY=x509_proxy singularity exec ../build/offline_new-workflow_injfiltering_50f6c074 make psd -W H1L1V1-GSTLAL_SVD_MANIFEST_REWHITEN-0-0.json -W /home/

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