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The 1.4.0 version of ligo-segments adds a feature that allows the code in to see a significant performance improvement, by being rewritten as a wrapper around that code. These patches also adjust the .rpm and .deb package metadata to enforce minimum ligo-segments and python-ligo-lw version numbers.

API Changes and Justification

Backwards Compatible Changes

  • This change does not modify any class/function/struct/type definitions in a public C header file or any Python class/function definitions
  • This change adds new classes/functions/structs/types to a public C header file or Python module

Backwards Incompatible Changes

  • This change modifies an existing class/function/struct/type definition in a public C header file or Python module
  • This change removes an existing class/function/struct/type from a public C header file or Python module

A new keyword argument is added to a python function, whose default value corresponds to the previous version's behavior. The correct check box has been marked, but this change is not backwards incompatible.

Review Status

A before/after comparison of the modified function has been conducted, and that test is added as a new test code to lalburst.

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