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Adding updated LIGO-India (Aundha) coordinates into LAL


Now that the LIGO-India (Aundha) project is approved and the coordinates are public, I wanted to implement these in LAL.

API Changes and Justification

Backwards Compatible Changes

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Backwards Incompatible Changes

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  • This change removes an existing class/function/struct/type from a public C header file or Python module

If any of the Backwards Incompatible check boxes are ticked please provide a justification why this change is necessary and why it needs to be done in a backwards incompatible way.

  • Currently, LIGO India (old coordinates) are implemented in LAL as I1, whereas the new name is supposed to be A1. However A1 is already in use for the (defunct, AFAIK) ALLEGRO detector, and hence there is duplication. What would be the right thing to do in this case? Should I assign a different name to ALLEGRO, or do away with it altogether, or something else entirely?

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Edited by Aditya Vijaykumar

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