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Draft: TF2 @ 4PN (WIP)

Riccardo Sturani requested to merge riccardo-sturani/lalsuite:phasing_4PN into master


4PN Energy, Flux, TF2 Phasing coefficients added to lalsimulation/lib/LALSimInspiralPNCoefficients.c after this paper

TaylorF2 code changed accordingly.

API Changes and Justification

Backwards Compatible Changes

  • This change does not modify any class/function/struct/type definitions in a public C header file or any Python class/function definitions
  • This change adds new classes/functions/structs/types to a public C header file or Python module

Review Status

TF2 ready for review

TODO: S3 at 3.5 and 4.5PN and S4 at 4PN

Edited by Riccardo Sturani

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