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    LALVCSInfo: consolidate VCS and build information in structs · d4f57f55
    Karl Wette authored
    - generate_vcs_info.sh: add @CLEAN@ replacement, evaluates to just "CLEAN"
      or "UNCLEAN" depending of state of git repositor
    - Generate build information into LAL...BuildInfoHeader.h instead of
      LAL...BuildInfo.c, and as #defines instead of constant variables so
      that they can be used to initialise struct fields
    - Include (UN)CLEAN status and build information in LALVCSInfo struct
    - Add identable LALVCSInfo struct lal...VCSIdentInfo to LAL...VCSInfo.[ch]
    - Remove global variables defining VCS and build information from
      LAL...VCSInfo.[ch], since the same information is available from the
      LALVCSInfo structs lal...VCSInfo and lal...VCSIdentInfo
    Original: 005ee40fcf5150df1ee94e084cd7dfe089aab021
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