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Add two new BNS distributions

This PR adds two common BNS distributions popular in the literature: Alsing et al.: Farrow et al.:

Both are simply two Gaussian distributions. A plot of the PDFs produced are below. image

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt masses = np.linspace(1.0,3.0,1000) plt.plot(masses, ns_alsing_mass1_dist.pdf(masses), label='A1') plt.plot(masses, ns_alsing_mass2_dist.pdf(masses), label='A2') plt.plot(masses, ns_farrow_mass1_dist.pdf(masses), label='F1') plt.plot(masses, ns_farrow_mass2_dist.pdf(masses), label='F2') plt.legend() plt.savefig('test.png') plt.close()

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