Commit 234845c1 authored by Edward Fauchon-Jones's avatar Edward Fauchon-Jones
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Fix modification-date test

Revision date was (most likely) a legacy name that never had its
`lvcnrpy` integration test updated.
parent c9607d67
......@@ -402,14 +402,14 @@ class TestNRCode(TestField):
assert output.strip() == self.output
class TestRevisionDate(TestField):
class TestModificationDate(TestField):
name = 'revision-date'
name = 'modification-date'
def test_invalid_type(self):
('- [WRONG TYPE] revision-date (1.0) '
('- [WRONG TYPE] modification-date (1.0) '
'(Type must be <type \'basestring\'>)'))
output = helper.lvcnrcheck(['-f', '3',])
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