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Draft: Add pSEOBNRv5PHM

Lorenzo Pompili requested to merge lorenzo.pompili/pyseobnr:pseob_v5 into main

Adds the parametrized model pSEOBNRv5PHM. Specifically, it allows adding parameterized deviations to:

  • QNM frequency and damping time for each mode. For the 32 (43) mode, which feature mode mixing, the corrections come both from the 320 and 220 (430 and 330) spheroidal modes. In the precessing case, the deviations are applied to the J-frame frequencies, and the rotation to the co-precessing frame (Eq. 34 of arXiv:2301.06558) is applied after the correction is applied.
  • Amplitude and frequency at merger for each mode, as in In the precessing case, the deviations are applied to the co-precessing frame modes.
  • Merger time, via NR_deltaT (time difference between the remnant rISCO and the peak of the 22 mode). For now the same correction as is applied, but since the parameter is not the same as SEOBNRv4 (in which it was the time difference between the peak of the orbital frequency and the peak of the 22 mode), one might try other possibilities.
  • Calibration parameters a_6 and d_{SO} in the EOB Hamiltonian.
  • Adds the possibility of specifying the ODE/PA integration tolerances (see Appendix A of, this is helpful to use the model for very high SNR signals).

To use the model with the gwsignal waveform interface, minor changes to lalsuite done in this branch are needed to allow for the extra non-GR parameters.

An extension of the bilby gwsignal_binary_black_hole source class with parametrized deviations is also available in this branch of bilby_tgr.

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