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Draft: Move gwsignal generator to pyseobnr

Lorenzo Pompili requested to merge lorenzo.pompili/pyseobnr:gwsignal_models into main

It has been recently proposed in the gwsignal development calls to add the option in gwsignal to import generator classes from external python package, without requiring that generators live in gwsignal itself. This was implemented in, and has been merged in the gwsignal development branch (but is not yet in LALSuite master).

For SEOBNRv5 models these generators currently live in lalsimulation.gwsignal.models.pyseobnr_model, but it has been proposed to move them to pyseobnr, for consistency with future models. This also avoids having to modify lalsimulation if a code change is made to pyseobnr which would require modifying only this file (e.g. a new optional parameter is added).

Specifically, one would then call the gwsignal generator for SEOBNRv5PHM as

gen = gwsignal_get_waveform_generator("SEOBNRv5PHM", "pyseobnr.gwsignal.gwsignal_models")

instead of as

gen = gwsignal_get_waveform_generator("SEOBNRv5PHM")

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