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change ADC overflow tests to reflect new readout configuration

This MR changes the DQ flags to test the overflow status of the new OMC adc channels rather than those used in O3. The old and new channels are:

<                 "0/H1:FEC-8_ADC_OVERFLOW_ACC_0_12",
<                 "0/H1:FEC-8_ADC_OVERFLOW_ACC_0_13"
>                 "0/H1:FEC-179_ADC_OVERFLOW_ACC_0_0",
>                 "0/H1:FEC-179_ADC_OVERFLOW_ACC_0_1",
>                 "0/H1:FEC-179_ADC_OVERFLOW_ACC_0_4",
>                 "0/H1:FEC-179_ADC_OVERFLOW_ACC_0_5",
>                 "0/H1:FEC-179_ADC_OVERFLOW_ACC_0_8",
>                 "0/H1:FEC-179_ADC_OVERFLOW_ACC_0_9",
>                 "0/H1:FEC-179_ADC_OVERFLOW_ACC_0_12",
>                 "0/H1:FEC-179_ADC_OVERFLOW_ACC_0_13"

The channel changes have only been implemented at LHO, but in anticipation of the same changes being implemented at LLO, I have

  • Made changes to the adc overflow channel names for both observatories in a renamed file (e.g. H-DQ+Gate_O4.json)
  • Used a single file for both the dmt1 (Monitor) and dmt2 (Redundant) configurations (these configurations should always be identical so it is safer to use a single file for both)
  • Modified the installation ( and _ProcList files to use the new file paths.

I have verified that the new channels are available in the broadcast frames.

Closes #62 (closed)

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