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Use the same DMTDQ configuration on both dmt2 and dmt1.

This MR fixes two issues found when comparing lowlatency frames from dmt1 and dmt2

  • The two hosts were using different (although identical except for the ID) configurations for the DMTDQ processes
  • The json file names and ID strings incorrectly referred to O3.

This MR fixes these issues by:

  • Creating new X-DQmod_O4[T].json files by copying hte previous files and updating the ID strings.
  • Change the ProcList files to use the X-DQmod_O4.json on both dmt1 and dmt2 (and the "T" file in dmt3)
  • Modify the Monitors/dq-module/ to install the new files as appropriate.

Closes #69

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