Commit f045fcdd authored by Gregory Ashton's avatar Gregory Ashton

Further bug fixes and improvements

- Fix error in create psd
- Fix minimum and maximum frequencies
- Improve documentation
parent a4200ddc
......@@ -98,7 +98,6 @@ class InterferometerStrainData(object):
self.sampling_frequency = None
self.duration = None
self.start_time = None
self.buffer_time = 0
self._frequency_domain_strain = None
self._frequency_array = None
......@@ -285,7 +284,7 @@ class InterferometerStrainData(object):
def set_from_open_data(
self, name, start_time, duration=4, outdir='outdir', cache=True,
buffer_time=1, **kwargs):
......@@ -300,20 +299,15 @@ class InterferometerStrainData(object):
Directory where the psd files are saved
cache: bool, optional
Whether or not to store/use the acquired data.
buffer_time: float
Read in data with `start_time-buffer_time` and
All keyword arguments are passed to
self.buffer_time = buffer_time
timeseries =
name, start_time, start_time+duration, outdir=outdir, cache=cache,
buffer_time=buffer_time, **kwargs)
......@@ -324,14 +318,14 @@ class InterferometerStrainData(object):
strain = gwpy.timeseries.TimeSeries(
self.time_domain_strain, sample_rate=self.sampling_frequency)
strain = strain.filter(bp, filtfilt=True)
strain = strain.crop(*strain.span.contract(self.buffer_time))
self._time_domain_strain = strain.value
def apply_tukey_window(self, alpha):
N = len(self.time_domain_strain)
self._time_domain_strain *=, alpha=alpha)
def create_power_spectral_density(self, alpha, name, outdir='outdir'):
def create_power_spectral_density(
self, name, analysis_segment_duration, alpha, outdir='outdir'):
""" Use the time domain strain to generate a power spectral density
This create a Tukey-windowed power spectral density and writes it to a
......@@ -339,6 +333,10 @@ class InterferometerStrainData(object):
name: str
The name of the detector, used in storing the PSD
analysis_segment_duration: float
Duration of the analysis segment.
alpha: float
The tukey window shape parameter passed to `scipy.signal.tukey`.
outdir: str
......@@ -350,11 +348,11 @@ class InterferometerStrainData(object):
The path to the PSD file
NFFT = int(self.sampling_frequency * self.duration)
NFFT = int(self.sampling_frequency * analysis_segment_duration)
window =, alpha=alpha)
strain = gwpy.timeseries.TimeSeries(
self.time_domain_strain, sample_rate=self.sampling_frequency)
psd = strain.psd(fftlength=self.duration, window=window)
psd = strain.psd(fftlength=analysis_segment_duration, window=window)
psd_file = '{}/{}_PSD_{}_{}.txt'.format(
outdir, name, self.start_time, self.duration)
with open('{}'.format(psd_file), 'w+') as file:
......@@ -582,6 +580,14 @@ class Interferometer(object):
def minimum_frequency(self):
return self.strain_data.minimum_frequency
def maximum_frequency(self):
return self.strain_data.maximum_frequency
def strain_data(self):
""" A instance """
......@@ -589,7 +595,16 @@ class Interferometer(object):
def strain_data(self, strain_data):
""" Set the strain_data """
""" Set the strain_data
This sets the Interferometer.strain_data equal to the provided
strain_data. This will overide the minimum_frequency and
maximum_frequency of the provided strain_data object with those of
the Interferometer object.
strain_data.minimum_frequency = self.minimum_frequency
strain_data.maximum_frequency = self.maximum_frequency
self._strain_data = strain_data
def set_strain_data_from_frequency_domain_strain(
......@@ -1499,7 +1514,8 @@ def get_interferometer_with_open_data(
# Create and save PSDs
psd_file = strain_psd.create_power_spectral_density(
name=name, alpha=alpha, outdir=outdir)
name=name, alpha=alpha, outdir=outdir,
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