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Bug fix for injection filtering when only injection file is provided as input instead of injection frames.

Previously implemented logic in and gstlal_inspiral for analyzing injection frames set the injection file to None when the user provided only the injection-file, making the code non-backward compatible.

  • This MR adds an extra flag --inject-in-noise as an option in gstlal_inspiral which tells the job to use the injection-file to make the injection in h(t).
  • This flag should only be used when the datasource is a data-find-server or a frame-cache pointing to detector noise i.e. when injection-frame-cache is not specified in the configuration file config.yml.

Test runs:

Rundir on CIT: /home/divya.singh/observing/4/dev/offline-inj_frames/fix_injfile_test

Edited by Divya Singh

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