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The top level of LALSuite has accumulated a number of directories for common build infrastructure files, and it's starting to be a little cluttered. In addition, the top-level gnuscripts/ directory is being used to hold other build infrastructure files, such as debian/ and various maintenance scripts, which aren't part of Autotools and should have a home elsewhere.

This MR creates a top-level common/ directory to house the common conda/, doxygen/, gnuscripts/debian/, swig/, and test/ directories. I've also added a common/maintainer-scripts/ directory for various maintenance scripts. A common/ describes each directory in common/, subsuming the existing README.mds in the common/ subdirectories. All symlinks have been updated.

Moving the existing top-level directories to common/ shouldn't cause and problems in the build system; since the files under common/ are symlinked into the lal.../ directories, as far as the library-level build systems are concerned the files haven't actually been moved. (The top-level gnuscripts/ itself cannot be moved as it must have the same layout relative to as in the lal.../ directories.)

Finally the top-level directory docker/ has been renamed to .docker/ consistent with the existing .gitlab-ci-*.Dockerfile files. (FWIW AFAICT .docker/startup isn't currently used anywhere.)

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