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Draft: Adjust lpy saturation threshold based on suspensions being plotted, add magnet signs to lpy map, use ETMX L3 if no saturations

Yannick Lecoeuche requested to merge yannick.lecoeuche/locklost:lpy_lims into master

1.) Changes saturation threshold based on whether suspension channels are 16, 18, or 20-bit.

ETMX L3 lpy plot before: Screen_Shot_2020-07-08_at_2.46.27_PM

ETMX L3 lpy plot after: Screen_Shot_2020-07-08_at_3.24.56_PM

2.) It turns out the coil driver magnet signs were forgotten when creating the lpy maps. I have expanded the map to include the many different magnet sign configurations, though it may make more sense to the new viewer if I create a separate matrix to multiply lpy_map by.

Previous lpy summing:

New lpy summing:

3.) Uses ETMX L3 if there are no saturating suspensions for the event.

Previous event page:

New event page:

4.) Adds TMS to checked LHO suspensions and incorporates TMS/ETM channels at LLO that were switched to 20-bit.

Previous LLO ETM sat suspensions:

New LLO ETM sat suspensions:

Closes #163 (closed), #164, #167 (closed)

Edited by Camilla Compton

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