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  • 0.9.1   Zero 0.9.1
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  • 0.9.0   Zero 0.9.0
    babfa76c · Merge branch 'develop' ·
    Release 0.9.0

    This release contains a breaking change:

    • Grid z-order configuration setting, previously plot.grid_zorder, is now in its own section, plot.grid.zorder. Users who have overridden this setting in their own configuration must update this key.

    Other changes:

    • Updated Bode and noise plotters to better choose y-axis limits. Now when the y-axis is in dB, the limits are expanded by +/-20 dB (overrideable) if the max/min data is close to a multiple of 20 dB.
    • By default, the y-axis for Bode phase plots is now ±180° (with a little extra margin for neatness). Users should specify explicit limits to override (or switch off the new setting, plot.bode.show_full_phase_limits, to go back to default Matplotlib behaviour).
    • Updated documentation with new examples.
    • Fixed bug with solution class where groups were not correctly filtered.
    • Fixed bug with solution class repr() method.
  • 0.8.0   Zero 0.8.0 Changes ------- - Implemented native and LISO parser support for calculating input noise - Updated data model to better handle noise projections - Added ability to plot op-amp open loop gain and noise with the CLI library search function - Updated op-amp library: - Merged in Caltech group's internal LISO op-amp library, removing some fakes (e.g. rana2000) - Deduplicated some op-amp definitions - Fixed plotting when comparing solutions (e.g. Zero to LISO) so now the equivalent curves have similar colours - Added better handling for incorrect library search syntax - Added method to replace an existing component in circuits - Fixed bug when deep copying circuits, which caused duplicate nodes to appear in the copy - Added ability to plot multiple (frequency compatible) LISO input files together with the CLI - Added support for saving op-amp library search results to file - Removed Quantity class and replace with the one provided by Quantiphy library - Changed op-amp library search utility to show all parameters, and allow sorting - Added support for specifing op-amp open loop gain in dB - Changes to tests - Various additional bug fixes - Documentation updates
  • 0.7.1   Zero 0.7.1 Hotfix for label bug.
    20ac4f5b · Merge branch 'develop' ·
  • 0.7.0   Zero 0.7.0 Known breaking changes: - Changed Response's `magnitude` property to return the absolute magnitude instead of the dB magnitude. The new `db_magnitude` property now provides the dB magnitude. - `mag_tick_major_step` and `mag_tick_minor_step` in `Solution._plot_bode` have been renamed `db_tick_major_step` and `db_tick_minor_step` and only work when `scale_db` is set. - Changed some plotting options in the default user configuration. - Changed the way solutions are combined to fix bugs when 3 or more solutions are combined. Now, by default, the groups that contain functions in each source solution are not combined, but kept separate in the new solution. Other changes: - Allowed singular filters when retrieving and plotting functions in a solution, such as "source" or "sink" (instead of just "sources" and "sinks"). - Added support for adding reference responses and spectra to solutions, which are plotted alongside functions. - Added support for creating custom responses and noise spectra (i.e. those not generated by an analysis, but from user-supplied data). - Added support for referring noise to the circuit input. - Added support for mathematical operations on functions. - Added support for generating noise sums with noise analyses. - Added support for filtering solution functions by their label. - Removed instances where function source or sink types were checked in solutions; now these can be strings. - `scale_db` parameter added to `Solution._plot_bode` to control dB or absolute scaling of response plots. - Added CLI flag to control response plot scaling. - Added a bunch of new configuration options, mostly regarding plotting. - Added a bunch of new examples demonstrating the new features. - Lots of documentation updates.
  • 0.6.6   Zero 0.6.6
  • 0.6.5   Zero 0.6.5
  • 0.6.4   Zero 0.6.4
  • 0.6.3   Zero 0.6.3
  • 0.6.2   Zero 0.6.2
  • 0.6.1   Zero 0.6.1
  • 0.6.0   Zero 0.6.0
  • 0.5.7   Release 0.5.7
  • 0.5.6   Release 0.5.6
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  • 0.5.5   Release 0.5.5
  • 0.5.4   Release 0.5.4
  • 0.5.3   Release 0.5.3
  • 0.5.2   Version 0.5.2
  • 0.5.1   Release 0.5.1
  • 0.5.0   Release 0.5.0
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