1. 27 Jun, 2022 1 commit
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      remove search_summvars and summ_value table code · 6cd9f3e6
      Kipp Cannon authored
      - after deleting lalapps_trigscan, the remaining programs that use these tables only write to them.  no program anywhere reads the information from these tables.
      - this patch deletes all code related to these tables from lalsuite.  a similar patch will be applied to python-ligo-lw later.
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      delete lalapps_trigscan · 9a49f04e
      Kipp Cannon authored
      - this program is no longer used by any active analysis.  it is the only program anywhere that attempts to read a search_summvars or summ_value table.  deleting this program means all of the code required to support those tables (which nothing except this program uses for anything) can be removed from lalsuite, and eventually also from python-ligo-lw.
      - this program was part of the now-mostly-deleted ihope pipeline.  it formed part of the chi^2 calculation process, whereby to reduce the cost of computing the chi^2 statistic in use at the time it was deferred until after an initial trigger pass followed by a coincidence cut.  triggers that passed the coincidence cut were clustered and new template banks constructed from those triggers such that in the second filtering pass only templates known to produce (clustered) coincidences were present.  lalapps_trigscan was the program that constructed those 2nd stage banks from trigger files.
      - at the time, there were a number of reasons this didn't work very well, and today the template bank sizes required for 2nd generation detectors are too large for the "write all single-detector triggers to disk in a first pass" pipeline architecture that this tool is a part of.  it will not be needed again.
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      Merge branch 'koji-build' into 'master' · b53d81ce
      Karl Wette authored
      add koji build pipeline
      See merge request !1870
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